Sunday, September 5

Finally a Unisex Option that matches!!!!

Here's a little something for all of you boy mums who just love funky designs in blues... and a little pink splash for you girly mummies who like to match everything with the colour PINK (which has somehow overtaken your life- like mine). Now you can have BOTH!!!!!!
The research into the colour schemes used for the LianaSimpson range is unique and made to suit the needs of all parents. It will match just about any pram (red, blue, black, brown, green) and can be used for boys and girls using the same pram/buggy....
The aim of the game was to find bright colours that would match prams, accessories and outfits... (because lets face it- us mums like to have everything matching) Then you also have the option of two prints per liner, and the opportunity to finally put the boy and girl liners side by side in any doubles or twin prams... they look just great together! (See pic)
Hope you like what you see.... from October you will be able to purchase these liners online and in selected stores! Keep checking in for updates...

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