Monday, May 31

A New product.... introducing the dummySAVER!

The dummySAVER is the latest in my range of products. I have a little monkey who just loves her dummy and it really helps me get an extra 10 or so minutes out of her when I am on the run. I am constantly struggling to find a dummy when I most need one, and often have to pick up thrown dummies from dirty shopping centre floors - YUK! So I decided I needed somewhere to put a dummy where it will always be handy, clean and not likely to get lost... hence the dummySAVER!

Tuesday, May 25

My very own fabric!

Feeling very excited about just placing the order to print and receive my very own fabrics... The design process has been so involved and very slow, but finally I am looking forward to receiving my very own fabric... I will post some pics once they arrive! I'm sure I wont be able to contain my excitement!

Wednesday, May 19

LianaSimpsonDesigns on madeit

LianaSimpsonDesigns on madeit

New Product - The EasyPouch!

The EasyPouch is the no fuss alternatve to a big and bulky nappy bag! Since my little one was born I have been looking for something like this. I only used my humungus nappy bag for about two weeks before I realised that all bubs needed was a few spare nappies, wipes, nappy bags and a spare 'in case' outfit. This EasyPouch is the answer. It's small enough to fit in your own handbag or in teh pram basket, yet big enough to fit all those 'bits' you and baby might need while your on the go.
In my EasyPouch, I carry, two nappies, nappy bags, the EasyPouch change mat, some wipes, a spare t-shirt and some hand sanitiser.... And that's all I ever need!
The inside of the pouch is lined with waterproof lining to avoid spills and leaks. The EasyPouch comes with a slimline change meat that has a warm and cozy fleece lining to avoidd those cold change surfaces in shopping centres. It also ha a waterproof lining on the reverse side and is machine washable for easy cleaning. I saw a very fancy nappy change liner in the shops that retails for $60! Now you cn buy the pouch and a change mat for only$30.00 - BARGAIN!

Friday, May 14

Pink Corduroy Flower Liner - Now on sale!

This gorgeous liner is part of the 'Winter 2010' Collection and comes with one side cotton and one side corduroy. The liner is designed for cold winter mornings and the corduroy is soft and cozy to say the least...
This liner is now available online at my etsy store!
I also thought about some other uses for my liners and decided that as well as being great for use in prams, car seats, strollers and shopping trolley baby seats, this liner also works well as a playmat, bouncer liner and changing mat! Oh the endless uses amaze me :)-

Thursday, May 13

A new Aussie Shopfront!

I have had so many people ask if they can please buy my products in Aussie Dollars instead of USD on etsy! Finally I have scoped out the best new option and it is through a fantastic website called:

I have now also got a shop listed on madeit, where you can buy in Aussie $$'s!
Yay! Check it out some time...

Jungle Fever - Reversible, Machine Washable Pram Liner set - by LianaSimpsonDesigns on madeit

Jungle Fever - Reversible, Machine Washable Pram Liner set - by LianaSimpsonDesigns on madeit

Buy in Aussie Dollars! On ...

Wednesday, May 12

A beautiful unisex gift!

Have you ever wanted to buy someone a baby gift in advance, but didn't know if you should get pink or blue? After months of searching and with a little help from a customer I have finally found a gorgeous print that is reversible offering one side for boys and one side for girls. It would also be great for using if you had a boy and girl in a double pram or even twins. I am planning on making a few liners in these prints to offer a unisex alternative to the otherwise very pink and blue prints :)

Tuesday, May 11

Beautiful Babies in Blue - My very own Treasury on etsy

My 'Beautiful Babies in Blue' treasury on etsy!

Blue is for Boys!

The boys winter liner is here! I have finished the first in a set of three boys liners based around a gorgeous space theme. The colours are vibrant and the designs are groovy! This liner is one side corduroy for extra comfort and warmth during winter! Yum- I wish I had a little man to put in this liner!

Monday, May 10

Winter 2010 Corduroy Collection

After a massive day of shopping, I have finally purchased the fabrics and started with the Winter 2010 Collection. Inspired by other products in the baby and kids market, I decided to go with a corduroy backing for one side of the liner in this collection.

My inspiration...

The result... 'Winter 2010 Collection' in Corduroy....

This is the first liner in this collection... stay tuned to check out the boy ones in blue!

Sunday, May 9

Samples are underway.

Its been a hectic and busy week with a move now over and done with! (Phew) Its also been a very busy week in terms of sales having sold a shipped out 4 sets this week... Two went to Texas in the United States and I was thinking, wow imagine two of my liners in the same town in the US...
This week marks the start of a new collection also- so stay tuned for updates and pics of the new winter fleece collection. This one will be a little different, but hopefully just as gorgeous and comfy and useful as the previous versions. I am also including some head bumpers in this collection. And will be working on finishing the samples from the manufacturers - can't wait to see the fabric in real life! Will post pics when I get it...
Lots happening so better get cracking!

Tuesday, May 4

A move.. and another NEW collection!

With the cold setting in, its time to start working on my winter collection. I have selected the new season fabrics and will be making these liners with one side polar fleece for a gorgeously soft and warm feeling! I can't wait to make one for my own little monkey too. I am also contemplating, making a number of head bumpers to go with the new season prints! Will keep you posted on those!
For now we are on the move and looking forward to unpacking at the new house so that I can set up my little sewing corner and get started again :)