Sunday, August 22

Samples for Sale on Etsy!

Snap up a bargain and get your hands on the very first of the Liana Simpson range... I am selling some hand made samples on my etsy shop where you can be the very first to get your hands on the new range with custom designed fabric prints! Go to my etsy store for more info!

Thursday, August 19

Community Care...

We have finalised discussions with Compassion Australia, to donate $1 from each PRAMLiner sold (in the Spring 2010 Collection) to one of their prjects.
You can read more about their causes and our commitment to making a difference at

Showing off my new liner!

I went for a long walk to the park with my monkey girl this morning and what amazing weather for it! Since I dug out the phil&teds which has been in hiding since I've started using a stroller, I decided it was also the perfect time to start using my new liner... Marketing I am going to call it!

It really worked well... My little girl loved it an kept pointing at the hearts, not to mention the looks it got from other mums at the park (and a few comments too). I love it and felt so happy to finally have one for myself!

Monday, August 9

Reed Trade Fair Update...

So far the trade fair has been a mixed bag... a very slow start on day one, with a HUGE two days to follow. Thus far the response from buyers have been overwhelming, not to mention all the mums and grandma's who stopped by and asked where they could get their hands on one of the liners.
I have sold to outlets in all states, and also to a New Zealand store. Its exciting to think that people all over Australia will be able to purchase their favourite liner, including ones who like buying online through the many online stores who have placed an order for some liners! I also had the opportunity today to speak with a few larger companies who have several stores (very exciting possibilities). Only 2 Days to go... hopefully a few great orders... but more than anything I can't wait to get back to Sydney and give my little gremlin the biggest smooch and cuddle! That's all for now from cold Melbourne...

Friday, August 6

Setting up my exhibition space...

After an hour delay for the flight and 10kgs overweight (oops...) I made it to the exhibition centre with plenty of time to set up and explore. It was so amazing seeing the HUGE amount of effort people put into this. Some of the exhibition spaces are bigger than shops and are fitted out so beautifully. It kind of made me glad that my little space is just that... little!
I still can't believe I fitted a table, chair, pull up banner, pram and all my stock (plus clothes) in a suitcase! I did get a few funny looks as I unpacked my suitcase on the stand, moving tops and clothes out of the way and repacking it again... Very funny!
I took some pics of my stand all set-up... I think its not bad for a first time- but will see if I can attract some interest tomorrow when it all kicks off.

Thank you so much for the many phone calls and messages of support, it makes it somehow easier to do all this, knowing there are people back home who are encouraging and believing in what I am doing!
That's all for now- its time to go down and explore melbourne city in search of a coles or convenience store....

Tuesday, August 3

The first look at the 'Spring 2010 Collection'!

I have finally received the first of the manufactured liners from China this morning! They look amazing... the colours are vibrant and the prints look great! The cotton is lightweight and soft- exactly what I was after. The liners are sewn beautifully and packaged in a pvc press-stud bag with a sticker on the front.
I am now ready for Melbourne, stock in hand and everything ready... I thought I would share with you some pics of the first liners in the LianaSimpson 'Spring 2010 Collection'.

Monday, August 2

New EASYpouches- Just Listed!

After so long...focusing solely on the manufacturing of the 'Spring 2010 Collection' which will be launched this weekend, I am happy to say I finally made it back to the sewing machine and have just listed 7 new EASYpouches with two sides of gorgeous designer fabrics. The EASYpouches are an ideal sollution to those bulky nappy bags and offers a no fuss alternative just big enough for fitting a few nappies, wipes and nappy bags in. The EASYpouch isalso the perfect size for throwing into your handbag to ensure you always have the bare essentials with you! Check out the new listings on etsy.