Monday, June 28


Some of the amazing people who will be exhibiting at the Reed Fair in August...
Reflecting... on things that have been, ideas that have grown, potentials that have been realised and dreams that are coming true! I am so blessed to be on the road to launching my dream at the biggest trade fair in Australia among some of the most gorgeous and inspirational children's brands and designers.
I have butterflies in my tummy thinking about August.
I have spent the afternoon trying to prepare myself emotionally by searching through the lists of exhibitors that will be at the Reed Fair, and came accross some that are divine and inspirational... I am excited that I will be alongside such amazing brands and people and am looking forward to learning from them and meeting them (hopefully). Now I just cross my fingers and hope that my stand will look utterly amazing and off course that everything will fit in my suitcase... (Please be generous Jetstar!) A very xciting time ahead.....

Sunday, June 27

An invitation to all wholesalers...

I wish to invite any wholesalers to visit my stand (#5524) at the Reed Gift Fair in Melbourne in August. I will be launching the PRAMLiner at theFair and Exhibiting it for all to see, feel and touch!

Tuesday, June 22

Packaging sample...

I have just finished doing the graphics and artwork for the final sticker to go on the pvc press stud bag that my liner sets wll be sold in. Who would have thought it would be so time consuming and difficult to make decisions when it comes to the 'final product' and what it will look like! I am happy with the end result and am hoping the 7 hours spent on it today will pay off when the products hit shelves in retail shops. Just wanted to share the packaging sample and sticker for those of you who are interested.

Monday, June 21

Samples on the way!

This morning I received the email that I have been waiting for! The samples of my liners are almost ready, apart from a few final tweeks...

They look stunning and I am especially pleased with the gorgeous fabrics, the first of my very own collection. The liners are looking vibrant and bright, and I am excited to receive them in preparation for the Trade Fair in Melbourne in August...

Thursday, June 17

Reusable pram liners...

Having looked into the laws surrounding eco-marketing it is quite clear that you have to go through much explaining and be honest in your campaign. I have spoken to the ACCC today and they provided some better information on the 'resuable' aspect of a product, which my pram liners definately fall into. Since my liners are machine washable and can be restored and used time after time, it is in fact a 'reusable' product.... now to decide if this will be at all beneficial in marketing the product? Feedback would be much appreciated!

Wednesday, June 16

Eco or not-Eco?

Today I am pondering the possibility of my products being environmentally friendly? What makes an eco-product? and how do you classify your product as being environmentally friendly...

I think I will be looking into this further, thinking that my pram liners are possibly an eco-friendly product. It saves prams from distruction, it is made with some natural products and is re-usable? A long shot perhaps? I will keep you posted as I get more info on this.....

Wholesale Orders

Order on its way!

Over the past few days I have been sewing madly to fill orders for a few small online stores wishing to stock my products. I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and wholesale requests - and now can't wait for the manufactured liners in my own designer fabric prints, as it will make wholesale much much easier and less time consuming! For now you can check out my products that will be listing on the 'Owl Baby' website (or see facebook page)... I am aloso working with 'For Baby Naturally' about stocking of the EASYpouch on their website based around natural baby products!

Looking forward to more wholesale business partnerships in the future! :)

Saturday, June 12

A little something just for me...

Today I decided to indulge in a custom liner for myself. I wanted something gorgeously stylish but not too loud. Something to blend in with the colours of the stroller and any other colours I choose to add...
So I decided to use the gorgeous fabrics of Amy Butler... and I love it!

Wednesday, June 9

Exciting News... Samples are less than one week away!

For those of you who have been following my very lengthy process of designing my own fabrics, and getting them turned into goreous pram and car seat liner sets... I have some news! My sample liners, made with my very own fabrics are only about 1 week away... I am so excited (Needless to say :)- )

I am also excited to have been given an amazing opportunity to exhibit at the Reed Trade Fair in Melbourne in August this year... I am delighted to have been accepted as a main stage exhibitor and am working out the final details as we speak. (I'll be sure to keep you all posted on developments as they occurr).

Things are finally moving along and soon I'll be able to fill all the requests from retail and online shops by providing plenty of gorgeously stylish liner sets!

Monday, June 7

Dinosaur-Raur.... a little something for the boys!

I just completed the first set of the new liners. This one is called Dinosaur-Raur in gorgeous blues, greens and yellow-orange tones. The reverse of the liner is made with a gorgeous apple and olive dot fabric.
This set comes as two liner sets with two babyBUMPER infant head supports to match. The sets are both reversible giving you the choice between the dinosaur prints and olive/apple dots.
This one is for all those gorgeous little dudes out there! Finally a stylish boy print as so many of you have been asking for!
To buy your own set of Dinosaur-Raur do to my etsy shop at

Reminder to refer your friends to my facebook page to be in with a chance to win a FREE liner set!

Gorgeous new fabrics means stylish new liners!

The first batch of new fabrics arrived on my doorstep yesterday afternoon. The fabrics are just divine... and I am so excited to start sewing!

This batch will include 7 new liner sets, a new range of EASYpouch nappy bags and some babyBUMPERS. Hope you like :)

Thursday, June 3

Gorgeous Fabrics on the way...

Today was so miserable again and I am so over all this rain! I decided with another day cooped up indoors I would spend my time wisely shopping for gorgeous new fabrics! I got so many gorgeous prints, matching sets of two for more liners, pouches, dummySAVERS and off course babyBUMPERS!
I am also thinking about attending the mosman markets at the Mosman village green... I will have to make many more liners before I will be ready for any sort of market! I amd also eagerly awaiting the arrival of my very own and first lot of fabrics... I can't wait to see the designs in actual fabric... I'll post some pics as soon as it arrives!