Tuesday, April 27

Manufacturing Update

I have been busy finalising the quotes and designs for the all important packaging... I am hoping that we will be able to lock in the prices and designs and get moving by placing the order for samples by the end of the week.

In other developments I am now liaising with a variety of boutique retail and oline baby stores to stock the product when it arrives. If anyone has any suggestions for beautiful shops- I'm all ears!

As I simply cant sit still at this stage, I am now also sourcing international distributors... if your interested or have any contacts - please pass them on!

Thanks for the huge support from everyone- it's scary but slowly progressing...

Friday, April 23

Monthly Email Newsletters! Subscribe Today!

Hi everyone,
We are launching a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with happenings, manufacturing updates, the arrival of our first liners in Australia, Stockists, Retailers and online shops where you can buy liners and off course exclusive SPECIALS just for our email subscribers! Simply email - subscribe@lianasimpson.com to joing the list! Thanks :)

Inspired by spots and stars

While baking this morning (the most delicious choc chip smarty dotty cookies- YUM) I was thinking about the coloured dots of the smarties. The beautiful arrangement of coloured dots on the biscuits and plate (and matching cups) gave me an idea to use dots and perhaps matching stars as a future design for fabric. The idea of dots and stars is especially appealing to me as it would be unisex... A dot and star dont say 'boy' or 'girl' like a butterfly or car!

Tuesday, April 20

New stock in store at Cammeray!

For those who have been asking, I am happy to let you know that I have finally delivered some of the new stock at the shop in Cammeray. You will find some of the 'Autum 2010' Collection now available on sale...
Go and check it out at Cammeray Square - Miller Street, Cammeray!

Thursday, April 15

Friday Lullll.....

Its Friday morning and the end of a very busy week. I am so happy that my fabric designs are completed and I am so pleased with how they turned out! I am sipping on my cup of tea while pondering how to get a graphics file of 20MB to the fabric printing factory?!? Maybe I need to buy the 20MB a plane ticket to china :)-

Wednesday, April 14

We feature on facebook...

The gorgeous Rachel from 'Owl Baby' contacted me to ask if they could sell my liners as part of their online collection. As part of this process they did a feature of the liners to show them off to their fans! Go to the 'Owl Baby' page on facebook to check out their other products...

Tuesday, April 13

Launch of the 'Spring 2010' Collection Prints

Two unique liner sets, each with two designer prints either side. These reversible liners will match everything and look super gorgeous with any colour pram....

Design Inspirations

I am finally at the point of finalising all my fabric designs... which were many times more difficult to do than I ever imagined. There has been so many things to consider in designing a fabric which must be;

- stylish and fashionable for children and adults alike

- fit and suit all prams and pram colours

- be absolutely gorgeous

- have some unisex features in the design

- cute but not filled with teddies (not cutsie)

- stylish and trendy with patterns and objects that are striking

Finally I boarded up my inspirations which has been collected and stored up in my head for months. I have spent hours browsing through shops to get design ideas and feel that i have finally established a style that is unique and beautiful. I am incorporating colours that will strand out, yet match most mums accessories and pram colours... Its bold but beautiful and hopefully will be a hit!

So here it is - my thoughts on paper! Hope you will al like the end product since there will be almost 2000 of them sitting in my lounge room at the end of the year! Please email me to let me know your thoughts and ideas. Thanks xo

Thursday, April 8

Sewing away!

As I'm trying to get the last of the Autum collection done, I am busily sewing away now! I think to myself that its really time for the manufacturing to begin as I can't find the hours in a day to keep up with orders and liners for listing on etsy. I hope it will continue to go this well when the boxes of thousands of liner sets arrive and hang out in my lounge room....

An even comfier ride!

Since first designing my reversible liners, I have been comstantly trying to make them a better fit, a more comfortable accessory that looks good and will truly stand the test of time. I think I'm just about there now... with a final design that looks fab and feels great! This latest design features a foam lining instead of padding. The liner is still reversible but is better moulded to the seat and softer for sitting on. Off course its still a universal fit and will suit almost all car seats and prams/strollers!

Tuesday, April 6

Flamingo Vine NOW AVAILABLE!

The Flamingo Vine liner is here! Buy online at etsy...

Friday, April 2

new fabrics have arrived!

Finally the wait is over! I have received my latest fabrics to start working on the rest of the autum 2010 collection! Can't wait to get them finished and online, ready for you to buy!