Tuesday, April 13

Design Inspirations

I am finally at the point of finalising all my fabric designs... which were many times more difficult to do than I ever imagined. There has been so many things to consider in designing a fabric which must be;

- stylish and fashionable for children and adults alike

- fit and suit all prams and pram colours

- be absolutely gorgeous

- have some unisex features in the design

- cute but not filled with teddies (not cutsie)

- stylish and trendy with patterns and objects that are striking

Finally I boarded up my inspirations which has been collected and stored up in my head for months. I have spent hours browsing through shops to get design ideas and feel that i have finally established a style that is unique and beautiful. I am incorporating colours that will strand out, yet match most mums accessories and pram colours... Its bold but beautiful and hopefully will be a hit!

So here it is - my thoughts on paper! Hope you will al like the end product since there will be almost 2000 of them sitting in my lounge room at the end of the year! Please email me to let me know your thoughts and ideas. Thanks xo

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