Thursday, July 22

Gift Cards- now available....

Hi everyone,
As suggested by a customer and facebook fan, I have decided to do Gift Cards! What a great idea for a new mum and their little one, to choose a pram liner to match their accessories and pram, or to browse through the other products available in the LianaSimpson range. Contact me directly to arrange a gift card purchase of your chosen amount! These will be available for purchase through the online shop at once we are ready to launch the Spring 2010 Collection.

Thanks- Hope you like!

Monday, July 19

Calm before the Storm...

Its been a while since I have blogged... I have been crazy busy trying to liaise with my manufacturers in getting everything 100% right for production. The good news is that they have started manufacturing and the liners are on track for a Spring launch. The next fe weeks will be filled with final preparations for the Melbourne Reed Trade Fair and trying to fit everything into my suitcase! I guess I will also be cooking double for a while to ensure there are plenty of frozen dinners available while I'm away... But mostly I am getting anxious about not seeing my little monkey for 5 days :( (I think she will love the bonding time with her daddy though)... Anyhow- I will keep you posted as I find out more and post pics as soon as the first liners arrive in three weeks time!

Tuesday, July 6

Preparing for the trade fair...

The past weeks have been filled with design work, an imaginary stand, and trips to ikea... Today I finally picked up the show banner, brochures and business cards that I somehow have to squash into my suitcase on the plane down to Melbourne! Its all getting very real and very exciting now, although a little scary! Just thought I'd share the latest developments with a few pics of me and my little helper getting ready for the show! :)

Friday, July 2

Babyology Feature...

This week we have been included in a Babyology feature... The Babyology website is designed to promote and let people know about up and coming designer products relating to children and parenting. In the coming week our feature will also be a part of a Babyology Newsletter that will be distributed to over 10,000 people. I wish to say a big thanks to the team at Babyology for ncluding me in their feature this week and hope to see much interest come about as a result. You can still access the article at Perk-Up-Your-Ride. The feature has already started to bring potential wholesalers and customers my way and I couldn't be more greatful for timing as it is leading up to launch day!
Yay for the article in Babyology!