Friday, August 6

Setting up my exhibition space...

After an hour delay for the flight and 10kgs overweight (oops...) I made it to the exhibition centre with plenty of time to set up and explore. It was so amazing seeing the HUGE amount of effort people put into this. Some of the exhibition spaces are bigger than shops and are fitted out so beautifully. It kind of made me glad that my little space is just that... little!
I still can't believe I fitted a table, chair, pull up banner, pram and all my stock (plus clothes) in a suitcase! I did get a few funny looks as I unpacked my suitcase on the stand, moving tops and clothes out of the way and repacking it again... Very funny!
I took some pics of my stand all set-up... I think its not bad for a first time- but will see if I can attract some interest tomorrow when it all kicks off.

Thank you so much for the many phone calls and messages of support, it makes it somehow easier to do all this, knowing there are people back home who are encouraging and believing in what I am doing!
That's all for now- its time to go down and explore melbourne city in search of a coles or convenience store....

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