Wednesday, May 19

New Product - The EasyPouch!

The EasyPouch is the no fuss alternatve to a big and bulky nappy bag! Since my little one was born I have been looking for something like this. I only used my humungus nappy bag for about two weeks before I realised that all bubs needed was a few spare nappies, wipes, nappy bags and a spare 'in case' outfit. This EasyPouch is the answer. It's small enough to fit in your own handbag or in teh pram basket, yet big enough to fit all those 'bits' you and baby might need while your on the go.
In my EasyPouch, I carry, two nappies, nappy bags, the EasyPouch change mat, some wipes, a spare t-shirt and some hand sanitiser.... And that's all I ever need!
The inside of the pouch is lined with waterproof lining to avoid spills and leaks. The EasyPouch comes with a slimline change meat that has a warm and cozy fleece lining to avoidd those cold change surfaces in shopping centres. It also ha a waterproof lining on the reverse side and is machine washable for easy cleaning. I saw a very fancy nappy change liner in the shops that retails for $60! Now you cn buy the pouch and a change mat for only$30.00 - BARGAIN!

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